Grain and Silage Bags


  • Available in a range of widths and thicknesses up to 500 ft. in length.
  • Our grain and silage bags are made from 100% virgin resins ensuring the highest quality, toughest products available.  Our bags are co-extruded, high tensile and fully UV protected.
  • Grain and silage bags come with a larger lay-flat for easier fitting on the bagger tunnel.
  • Our cost-effective bags will give you the flexibility and quality you desire.

Grain Bags

Grain bags are a popular alternative and a lower cost option than traditional grain storage methods.  It is easy to see why grain bags can be seen in abundance in grain farming areas.

Our Grain Bag Storage System provides you with the flexibility and quality you requre in a grain bag.  The grain bag from Sigma is cost efficient and is a premium high gauge, co-extruded polyethylene bag.  Grain bags are 3 layer and UV protected.  Our bags are available in thicknesses up to 9.5 mil, and in various widths and lengths up to 500ft.

Silage Bags

Utilizing a resin blend that produces a very high quality film our silage bags have been developed to store forage for long-time conservation.  We work closely together with producers of bagging-machines and can produce a silage bag for every machine and application.  Our silage bags meet or exceed the highest market requirements and are perfectly suited for most applications, such as: composting, conservation of succulent or even loose dry products, fertilizers, and more.